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Koh Phangan

Where to stay in Koh Phangan:

About Koh Phangan:

Koh Phangan is part of the Samui archipelago and derives its name from the Thai word ‘ngan’, meaning sand bar. It has long been a favourite of Kings of Thailand and there is evidence of settlements across the archipelago dating back more than 2000 years. More than half of the island is designated National Park and there is over 80 kmof rainforest with its diverse flora and fauna.

The island is famously known for its full moon parties at Haad Rin beach. While this is great fun, and more suited to the younger crowd, there is another more relaxed and sophisticated side to the island for those who care to explore.


Getting to Koh Phangan:

Koh Phangan’s first airport is scheduled to open in late 2015, offering direct transfers to the island from Bangkok and a number of other regions in Thailand. Until then, the simplest and quickest route to Koh Phangan is to fly from Bangkok international airport to Koh Samui airport, which takes around 45 minutes, then get the ferry across to Koh Phangan. Flights to Koh Samui are also available from Phuket, Chiangmai, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

Private car transfers and your own speedboat for the crossing can be arranged in advance. However, should you wish to make your own way, taxis and buses are available to take you to the piers, from which you can catch a ferry. Make sure you know which pier your ferry is departing from though!


Best time to visit Koh Phangan:

Temperatures in Koh Phangan remain fairly constant year round, averaging approximately 28°C.

The dry season tends to be from February to April. Athough there may be some rainfall at any time of year, outside of the rainy season it only tends to lasts a couple of hours in the evening, which makes it manageable and is actually quite refreshing. The wettest months are September to November, although December can also have some significant rainfall.

The most popular months to visit the island tend to be November, December, February, March and August, but January and July are also popular. Travellers during April, May and June can take advantage of lower prices but still usually experience good weather.




Koh Phangan has fantastic beaches and all the water based activities you could wish for, including the only professional wakeboarding outfit in the Gulf of Thailand and some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving around.

A trekkers paradise (with or without elephants), there are waterfalls and hidden pools in which you can swim, although we strongly recommend hiring a guide if you want to go too far off the beaten track.



With a history of spirituality, Koh Phangan is a favourite for Yoga enthusiasts. Bohemian and free spirited but with so much more to offer than the full moon parties for which it has become famous. While these are great fun, and more suited to the younger (or young-at-heart) crowd, there is another more relaxed and sophisticated side to the island. Its beauty, peace and quiet make it a great choice for families; qualities that probably made it a favourite of Kings in the first place.

Take a look at our Koh Samui photo gallery for a taste of what the island has to offer. 

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