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Whether you are just passing through for a night en route to another destination, or have a bit more time to explore, Bangkok is a capital city full of excitement, diversity and juxtoposition.

Discover the wonders that make Bangkok such a fantastic city to explore. Your senses will be over-loaded at every turn, whether from the aromatic cuisine, the bustling traffic or the sights and sounds of the street markets. You will discover ornate temples holding incredible riches ordained with flowers, see saffron-clad monks collecting alms, discover vendors selling their wares from their traditional boats at the early morning river market, drive in the back of a tuk-tuk as you merge with the frenzy of drivers weaving in and out of the traffic delivering their passengers or goods to their destinations. And, of course, you will experience the vibrant nightlife that ranges from exquisite fine dining and sophisticated bars to the more exuberant dancing girls in neon-lit side streets.


If you are looking to stay in Bangkok as a short stop-over or for a longer period, we have relationships with a range of hotels in Bangkok and are able to offer their best available rates.

Please call us to help find a Bangkok hotel that suits your requirements.


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