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Posted by Nick Hughes on 22/04/2015
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If you are looking to create a magical holiday in Thailand with the one you love, then look no further than our guide for the best ways to make your holiday one you will remember for a lifetime!

1. Share a kiss on your own desert island

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One of the most magical things about Phuket is its stunning satellite islands. If you have time, venture to the Similan Islands for a true taste of unspoilt paradise. If you just have a day though, there are lots of trips to nearby islands available. An economical route is to join a charter trip but, to make it extra special, why not hire your own speedboat or yacht, to whisk you away for a romantic picnic, complete with a bottle of champagne and strawberries, on your own desert island.



2. Swim in the sea with a baby elephant

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If you are lucky enough to be on the beach when one of the elephants comes down for a stroll then grab a camera and ask the Mahout if you can join in for a swim (of course, a ‘tip’ may well aid you here). The elephants love to keep cool and have great fun splashing around in the shallows. This picture was taken on Bang Tao, near Laguna hotel, where the elephants are well cared for and at least one comes down to the sea, by the Dusit Thani hotel, most afternoons around 3:30-4:00pm. There are many reports of ill-treatment of these beautiful creatures in Thailand, many of which are justified, but read the story of the baby elephant playing on the beach if you have any doubts about how much they enjoy doing this. Of course, there are lots of places where you can trek through the jungle on the back of one of these majestic animals, should you so wish, but be sure to go with one of the more reputable ones where the animals are well looked after.


3. Search the depths for coral, fish and turtles

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If you have never ventured beneath the waves, Thailand offers some of the best diving in the world. With surface water temperatures averaging around 29°C year-round, it is a perfect place to learn and has some of the best marine life on the planet. Instructors, such as Klaus at H2O Sportz, can arrange for a trial dive for couples or take more experienced divers to the many sites around the island, such as the King Cruiser wreck near Phi Phi, or Shark Point, part of a Marine Sanctuary named after the docile Leopard Sharks that are usually resident on the sandy seafloor here.  If venturing below the waves is a little ‘out of your depth’, the island has fantastic opportunities for snorkelling. We like it around the rocks at the south end of Naithon beach.


4. Cocktails at sunset followed by a candlelit dinner

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If you fancy a cocktail and a spot of dinner at sunset, there are plenty of places along the west coast for you to base yourself to enjoy a spectacular view across the ocean. We particularly like Joe’s Downstairs, near Patong, for a relaxed but stylish drink or meal and great, unspoilt views out across the waves. For something a little more intimate, and if you have managed to break away from the usual hotel stay and discovered the beauty of having your own private luxury apartment, why not arrange a private chef for the evening who will cook (and clear up!) for you while you relax on the balcony and chat while looking up at the stars.


5. Helicopter trip to see the Big Buddha

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Take a tour of the island unlike any other. An example 30 minute itinerary may include the National Park Nai Thon, Millionaires’ Mile, the madness of Patong, the dramatic Promthep Cape, the 45m high Big Buddha, Chalong Temple and Red Mountain, a former tin mine that is now a golf course. Catch glimpses across the marina towards Phang Nga bay, famous for the villains hideaway in the James Bond film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun. Tours from the air offer a new perspective and opportunity to see the major sights of Phuket as well as the plantations of the Thalang district and a bird’s eye view of local life.


6. See the monks at Wat Chalong

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Wat Chalong (officially called Wat Chaitararam) is the largest temple in Phuket and dates to the beginning of the 19th Century. The newest part, ‘Chedi’, offers a lovely view of the entire temple grounds from the top floor terrace of the 60 metre tall building, which also houses a splinter of bone from Buddha. Out of respect, you should wear long trousers and no sleeveless shirts, but this is not strictly enforced. Locals believe that an offering (typically lotus flowers or a small piece of gold paper) to the monks statues ‘makes merit’ that will be carried over throughout life or subsequent re-incarnations. You can join in with an offering of firecrackers to show gratitude that one of your wishes has been granted (presumably being with the one you love!). The loud bangs are certain to get the heart racing, but are a great opportunity for some fun photos too!


7. Spa experience for two

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What better way to relieve the aches and tension of a long flight than to be pampered in one of the many luxury spas on the island. We like the Mr. and Mrs. treatment at the Coqoon Spa at Indigo Pearl (whose the Sunday buffet is a gastronomic feast also not to be missed!) or the tranquility of the luxurious Banyan Tree spa in Laguna. If you want a more rustic experience, then simply wander along any of the beaches and you will find many spots where you can get a massage on a straw mat under the shade of a tree.




8. Make a wish on a lantern

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What could be more romantic than releasing a lantern together, from a pristine beach, with thoughts, dreams and wishes for your future. You will find beach vendors selling these, and other items, walking past many of the restaurants alongside the beach, such as those at Surin (we like dining at Pla or Taste).  Otherwise, you can pick them up at local family marts or in the basement at Central Festival.




9. Watch the turtles lay their eggs. 

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Head to Mai Khao, an 11km stretch of usually deserted beach and part of the Sirinath National Park, where turtles lay their eggs between November and March. They come ashore after dusk to find a nest site, where they spend around an hour digging a small pit around 45cm deep and lay a clutch of between 40 and 180 eggs. The eggs are usually collected by the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation for incubation and protection (Marine turtles have legal protection in Thailand) and are released back in to the wild in a Special Ceremony on National Fishermen’s Day in April. A donation to the Foundation of THB 3,500 pays for the rehabilitation and release of one turtle and the new Marine Turtle Shelter & Education Centre is planned to open in July 2015.


10. Propose…or, if you are already engaged, get married!

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Phuket is a magical place that has dozens of idyllic spots for the perfect backdrop to make your proposal a truly unique and unforgettable moment. Whether you choose exotic jungle, deserted islands or the ocean depths, or simply a romantic dinner or a stroll along a picturesque beach…that is for you to decide.

If you have already asked the person of your dreams  to spend your future together (and naturally assuming they have accepted!), how about a Thai wedding ceremony, complete with monks, to make your day memorable. Western ceremonies can also be accommodated but, whatever your preference, you know the location will be perfect for you and your guests. What’s more, you will already be on honeymoon!


Wherever you choose, and whatever you do, you can be sure that a holiday in Phuket will make memories that will last a lifetime!


If you are looking to make your holiday one that you will never forget, short tour experiences, like the examples above, are the perfect way to enhance your Thai adventure.

If you book your holiday accommodation with us at Zouza, our concierge-style after sales service will help you add a touch of culture, history or wildlife to your trip so you can create rich memories. After all, an investment in memories pays dividends for a lifetime.

Please speak to your Personal Travel Expert for details.